Zy-Sauce Gourmet Blend Marinade - Seriously Southern Mustard BBQ Sauce.

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Barbecue Sauce - 2006 Scovie Award and 1st Place NBBQA Awards of Excellence Winning Salmon Tuna Beef Pork Chicken & Steak Marinade & Vegetable Sauce - Also A Charleston South Carolina Style Mustard BBQ Sauce. BBQ Sauce & Marinate Uses Limited By Imagination Only.

"Uses Limited By Imagination Only"

Award Winning Sauces
"Uses Limited By Imagination Only"

First In Gourmet

'2006 National 1st Place Winner - NBBQA
'2006 International 3rd Place Winner - Scovie Awards
'2005 National 2nd Place Winner - Five Star Reviews Magazine
"North Carolina's Finest"

Sweet and Spicy
Sweet and Spicy HOT!

A Sweet and Spicy Marinade with a unique one of a kind Supreme Signature flavor.
Sweet and Spicy HOT has the same great flavor as our original.
We just turned up the scovies a bit for the heat enthusiast!

Our Marinade has a flavor unlike any sauce you have ever tried!
The one of a kind sweet and spicy tantalizing aroma and uniquely
addictive flavor are superb on, and in, just about anything!
Anyone who enjoys a sweetly flavored nectar sauce,
absolutely loves our Marinade!
The flavor is indescribably delicious straight from the bottle.
The sweet and spicy flavor does not overpower the desired qualities of your
favorite seafood, meat or vegetable dish. Zy-Sauce Marinade tenderizes and
enhances the natural flavor properties to deliver a Gourmet prepared
dish, with a irresistibly rewarding flavor

No more searching for a Marinade, or sauce that's great
for Beef, another for Pork, another for Chicken, another
for Seafood, a special sauce or stir fry for vegetables,
and still...a Marinade especially for Wild Game.
Our Marinade blends flavor properties as though
it were created specifically for each, and every dish!
Our uniquely crafted Sweet and Spicy flavor offers new
dimensions to your cooking and grilling experience.

Zy-Sauce Marinade was Awarded Honors For Best Flavor
"Fuquay Heritage Annual Dinner Banquet"
Fuquay Varina, N.C.

"Four Consecutive Years"


'2005 National Editor's Choice Award - Five Star Reviews Magazine
"Seriously Southern"

Mustard BBQ Sauce
IS NOT a Wimpy Honey Mustard !!!
Ours, is a Charleston South Carolina Style Mustard BBQ Sauce
with a
Irresistible Twang and a hint of hickory smoked flavor!
The Inventor of Zy-Sauce is a native Charlestonian where he grew
up on the flavor of Mustard BBQ Sauce. David has over 40 years of
flavor experience in regards to how a great Mustard BBQ Sauce should
. After three years of perseverance and determination, David created
a Mustard BBQ Sauce which is so balanced yet rich in flavor, it's quality
surpassed all expectations of that which David had hoped to achieve

Many BBQ sauces may eventually loose their fancy flavor, and that special
place you have reserved for them in your pantry or refrigerator shelf
Not our sauce! The more you use it, the more you love it!

Zy-Sauce is Supported By Goodness Grows in N.C.


Fuquay Varina, N.C. 27526


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